Sometimes I feel my life is going 'round in circles Beneath my eyes are bluish black There's nothing new, no one I wanna talk to Nothing I wanna think about, I got soul doubt I stick My head out of the window, it's closed Instead of air, I get glass stuck in to my head
The city's sounding, and I can't seem to stop the pounding Can't keep my thoughts from flying 'round Not sure what I am thinking about, I got soul doubt A shameless display, wearing a smile full of pain A frameless Erte, a painting without a signature She's waiting for someone to save her As I pass her I see Cinderella She doesn't fit into the slipper Like she fits in a bottle of liquor There's no one to take her away Her eyes meet mine, she sees right through me The question is asked, Whatcha' gonna do for me? I don't want nothin', just a connection I gotta know what she's all about Cause I know she's been there ...
Soul doubt I stick my head out of the window once again This time I see a thousand faces all too clear They wear the same expression, I've seen in my face So many times, I know exactly how they feel I know exactly how they feel I know just what they think about They've got soul doubt