It's been a long time Now it's time to get your bubble burst Things are bad enough in this world Why do you have to make them worse? Day after day, you just gotta get it


So sick and tired of your bitching and complaining So long you've been oppressed while others lives are gaining Want reparations, you're needy and deserving Can't understand why some are served while you're doing the serving Anything but responsibility

Where's my slice? I want more than equal rights I want everything for free!

You waste your time concerned with what others are earning You want a revolution to start the tables turning A demonstration to make a better nation We'll spend the day protesting all the problems that we're facing Anything but face reality Where's my slice...

Your brilliant theory how the world owes you a living You'll take away from others the things they should be giving They own the pie and you want your share Whoever told you life was fair? You were dealt your hand - now play it

Where's my slice...