He's just a man getting through life the best he can He's a not a scientist, he programs a computer Before that he sold cars to pay a student loan now he receives pity From his family - his friends say how could he

Turn his back on reason worshipping A God finding truth through fear and mind control He's just a man trying to explain how He found the word of God could make his life seem less insane So he shares what he's read, what he understands, it makes sense to him, it makes perfect sense to him, in fact

He's never seen so clearly Turned his back on free will - has he lost his mind? He'd rather kneel down than take charge of his life

And he knows what people think, but it doesn't sway him He can read the writings on the wall 'Cause he knows how people treat, how they treat each other A sacrifice to benefit the all Don't try to judge him, his theologian ideals His hopes may be false but his happiness is real Don't try to judge him, he's just a man