Iím gonna tell you what I really think I like about Monday Cause they fell like Saturdays When you donít have to go to work, every day is a holiday I wake up when I want to, I do anything I wanna do Canít wait for Tuesday I really donít like Fridays I canít do what I wanna do Sold out at the movies, canít eat at the restaurant Everybody wants to party, but the barís full of cigarette smoke I think Iíll stay home, I think Iíll wait for Monday

I live a five day weekend, I gotta year long holiday Thanks god itís Monday The only place I gotta be is the show or on the first tee Thank god itís Monday Never mind aggravation, just give me modulation gimmie another key

Iíll tell you why I like Tuesdays, cause theyíre kinda like Christmas Come to think about Wednesdays, are a little like Hanakah Thursdays thanksgiving, Iím talking about good living I think Iíll give thanx Thank god itís Monday